Portable Power Bank

Portable Power Bank

What are power banks?

Portable Power Bank is usually used to charge or recharge a battery of a cell phone, tablet or any other electronic device batteries. It consists of a special type of batteries and a special type of case having a special circuit. It usually gets a charge from a source and then deposits this charge to another source i.e. Smartphones etc. It Works like a bank means that you can deposit charge to it means that you can first charge it and then you can withdraw that charge from the power bank to charge your devices easily and anywhere where charging capability sources are not available.

Types Of Portable Power Banks

Usually, there are two types Portable Power Bank which is briefly described below.

1) Universal Power Bank

Universal Portable Power Bank are those banks which are available in every size and you can charge every smartphone from it, these types of banks includes IOs Devices means Apple devices and also you can charge other Android smartphones and also you can charge those devices which have a USB type-C.

2) Solar Power Bank

The solar Portable Power Banks are consist of solar cells so you can easily charge your bank from solar means you can charge your power bank from sun rays easily. the solar bank has not much energy more than other normal power banks but it can do your work in emergency places means if there is no electricity available. The solar power bank is usually and mostly look alike normal banks but it has a new feature which is its solar system, So it means that your bank can be charged from the sun. and then you can easily charge your smartphone everywhere easily.

How To Charge A Power Bank

Simply You can charge your bank as just like you charge your smartphone. Charging a power bank is too much easy and it can be charged too fast than charging a smartphone also it has much larger batteries than smartphones for example smartphones have maximum up to 5000 mAH Batteries but these banks has usually more than smartphones, It’s  batteries starts from 10,000 mAH and above so you can charge your  bank easily and too fast.

It can be charged by common mobile charger if you are using Samsung smartphone so you can charge your mobile using that Samsung charger, usually power bank can be charged with any travel adapter.

Some power banks have different charging sources but most power banks comes with normal power charging source which can be charged with the most same chargers usually USB type-C, charging a power bank is more easier than smartphone, So charge your power bank now and use it for the rest of daily life and never let your smartphone battery to die, Always keep your smartphone battery Full and make your smartphone battery life much longer than normal.

Power Banks can charge your mobile once or twice depending on the batteries power of the power bank, If it has More power to keep so it will charge your smartphone more than once, If Your smartphone is 15,000 mAH So it will charge your smartphone Four To Five Times Once it is charged Fully


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