Witech MacroPod 2

Witech MacroPod 2

Witech macropod 2 is an expert diagnostic and programming device for Chrysler, stay clear of, jeep, and fiat. witech pod macropod 2 with witech software program v17.04.27 guide on-line programming with provider account. witech macropod 2 with drb iii emulator feature and obd2repair.com will show you element steps approximately how to enhance drb iii emulator feature.

1: make a backup replica of the partition from the hard power covered with the macropod!

2: set up hdd in pc

three: set date to 01/01/17 earlier than booting from computer

four: boot to hdd

five: allow windows to install drivers, and so forth, as wanted on your pc and reboot as wished.

6: as soon as all of this is finished, do not run witech yet!

7: flip off-net!

eight: navigate to c: program data witech j server data core stubs

9: deploy drb emulator stub

10: set up drb improved emulator stub

eleven: deploy k-line stub

12: reboot laptop

thirteen: set date returned to modern-day date

14: allow internet access

15: run FLEXnet software program updater. do not replace witech!!!

16: FLEXnet will locate updates for more desirable drb and okay-line

17: set up an online update first

18: deploy superior replace subsequently.

19: turn date again to 01/01/17!

20: as soon as updates and downloaded and installed, turn off the internet and in no way activate again!

21: reboot pc

22: connect macropod to a vehicle. while inexperienced led activates, activate vehicle ignition

23: connect the USB cable to pc and macropod

24: while home windows are accomplished installing drivers, etc, you must show a community connection within the tool tray and not using a net access

25: run hi-tech

26: press “launch drb iii” button in decrease right-hand nook

27: accept EULA

28: drb emulator will launch.

29: enjoy.

with witech macropod 2 is the 2 in 1 diagnostic and programming tool for Chrysler, avoid, jeep, and fiat.witechmacropod 2 aid drb iii emulator and aid all key lost programming.bellow,obd2repair.com take 2005 Chrysler 2 hundred as example, inform you how to do application all key misplaced with witech macropod 2. witech macropod 2 clone programs new key fobik to Chrysler 200 whilst all keys are misplaced vehicle: 2015 Chrysler 200 (the 2015 Chrysler 2 hundred, at the side of other fiat-based fashions like the jeep renegade, Jeep Cherokee, and ram pro master, are all prepared with a rolling pin code.)

What you need

locksmith identification range (slid thru nasty)

right keys to be programmed

pin code


Witech macropod 2good exceptional clone or the genuine earlier than you begin the programming process, you should the important thing code (key cut code) and authorized pin (key programming). you must be online to program the important thing with witech macropod 2 clones. you may pull the pin code with Goldstar f104 key tool. if you input the incorrect code for three times, it locks the back and also you cannot service the vehicle for 24 hours. the secret’s one-time programmable. as soon as married to the vehicle it is locked to the car forever. the important thing can be erased from the car and placed lower back into the identical car, but can’t be switched to some other automobile. the location of the key at some stage in initialization is crucial. it desires to be placed either at the back of the shifter or within the center console. a way to program fobik with witech macropod 2 app

step 1: plug the micro pod ii adapter into the old port and connect the USB cable from the device for your computer. this wakes the bus on the car.

Step 2: manually enter the VIN of the vehicle. this offers you get admission to the module list.  pick out the rf (radio frequency hub) module. this is the module in which the secret’s registered.

Step 3 “miscellaneous functions,” then “application ignition fobiks.”  at this factor, you are induced to enter the van again, followed by means of the 4-digit pin code.

step 4: after the 4-digit pin is entered you’re brought on to hit hold to “software ignition fobik.” after you hit retain you need to press the unlock button at the fobik within 30 seconds (the fobik desires to be located near the middle console for the duration of this manner).

step 5: programming of the ignition fobik is now successful. the new key’s every day into the auto and the ignition will now switch on and begin the car. at this point, you furthermore may have the option to program the 2nd key with witech application witech 2 witech macropod 2 drb iii emulator check review up to now, I have got the macropod 2 on 3 cars. drb iii emulator + 2003 pt cruiser: works  (the main things lol) drb iii emulator + 2004 evade: works witech + 2010 charger: works btw, witech 2 with drb iii emulator paintings for antique Chrysler the yr 1997 – 2004 (2005) and with witech only works for Chrysler made after the yr 2003 first, I tested on a 2003 pt cruiser.

essentially no different modules other than the engine, work. I cannot connect to the transmission, abs, vtss, skim, radio, cluster, and many others. however, everything within the engine module can be examined, actuated, and so forth. fortuitously for me, I absolutely only wanted the drb iii to jot down the pinion factor for guide transmissions, which is simply in the ‘engine’ element which fits. maybe I really need to invest in an older vci pod so that the entirety else works. then, I also examined it on a 2010 charger below witech and works perfectly, and got a 2004 stay clear of pickup and underneath the emulator labored flawlessly. I already called my locksmith, who drives a 04 sprinter to attempt it as properly soi had a hazard to check my witech macropod 2 with not handiest witech however also the drb iii more advantageous emulator. each painting true!

How to install drb iii emulator software program

witech macropod 2 is the diagnostic and programming 2 in 1 device for Chrysler, avert, jeep, and fiat.whether or not witech 2 guide drb iii is always the subject of clients.obd2repair.com make verify that witech 2 witech macropod 2 interface software program v17.04.28 support drb iii emulators. bellow is element steps approximately the way to install drb iii emulator software program for witech 2 witechmacropods 2 interfaces.

1: begin with a fresh deploy of home windows 7 pro-32-bit.

2: install all the essential drivers on your computer.

3: set the clock to the modern date and time. (it didn’t paintings while setting to 01/01/2017)

4: hook up with wifi and done all necessary windows updates.

5: reproduction the “witech_install_17.03.01” folder to the desktop.

6: installation the furnished version adobe air.

7: set up the supplied model of java.

8: deploy witech 17.03.01.

9: after you have got finished installed everything, when you get popup messages from windows firewall to allow or block any applications, click on “allow”.

10: whilst you get a popup for adobe air and java to update, click on cancel and do now not update either adobe air or java.

11: open “my computer” and inside the upper left of the window, click on “organize” and then pick out “folder and search alternatives”.

12: click on the “view” tab and beneath “hidden files and folders” choose the radio button for “display hidden documents, folders and drives”. also, uncheck the option for “cover included running system documents (encouraged)” and then at the pinnacle of the window, click on the “follow to folders” button.

13: navigate to “c: program data witech j server data core stubs” and you may discover three installers.

14: install the drb iii emulator stub.

15: watch for a popup to seem that states the security certificates aren’t legitimate and click on “good enough” to permit the software update to continue. another popup will seem and the software program replace will run. after it completes, close the witech window if it opens.

16: installation the enhanced drb iii emulator stub.

17: again, watch for a popup to seem that states the safety certificates aren’t valid and click “adequate” to permit the software program to replace to continue. some other popup will appear and the software program update will run. after it completes, close the witech window if it opens.

18: set up the okay-line stub.

19: again, watch for a popup to appear that states the safety certificates isn’t legitimate and click “adequate” to permit the software to replace to proceed. another popup will appear and the software update will run. after it completes, near the witech window if it opens.

20: connect the micropod2 to the vehicle, then connect it to the computer.

21: a popup window will seem to put in the software program. click “ok”.

22: after it finishes, start witech 17.03.01 and anticipate the screen to show up with the micropod2 and IP address of it. you’ll see a “release drb iii” button in the decrease right corner. ignore it as they do no longer nicely open the emulator.

23: create a shortcut on the laptop and enter the following into the ‘direction” field.

drb iii emulator install:

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